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The Revolution will be Mashed

Here are the individual mashups and videos from our class- an impressive collection. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with for the graded group assignment! Enjoy-

Serena Epstein – Risky MermaidCaitlin Mackay – Visit Poland!

Sarah Pierson – Sometimes When I’m Alone I Cry

Nate Finney – What’s Wrong with Hip Hop?

Alicia Grolbert – Do You Speak French?

Ashley Jacoby – Save the Polar Bear

Brittany Cooney – The 33 Year Old Rookie

Emma Goodridge – Obamanon

Matt Hale – Buffalo Bills

Elizabeth Scott – John McCain ‘Get Silly’ (feat. Soulja Boy)

Noelle Modly – Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 Explained

Karen Probst

Rachel Gerstein – Arrested Development!

Casey Ridlon – Education

Matt Treacy – NY Giants, Super Bowl Champions

Kiernan Whitworth – The Vitality of the Candidates

Amy Van Vlack – Make Music Not War

Emily Curtis – Flight of the Conchords “The Odyssey”
The Odyssey


  1. kprobst says:

    This comment is for Serena Epstein on Risky Mermaid.

    This video was excellent. It had color, sound and a theme that I would not have expected from The Little Mermaid video. The voice that was speaking seemed to add to the message and the way that the clips were showing. You also seemed to time the voice overlay with each clip perfectly. I give you two thumbs up. Though I can say that if I had a kid and they advertised for the video that way I would not let my child go see it.
    Good job.

  2. kprobst says:

    To: Caitlin Mackay- Visit Poland

    I liked the music that was playing in the background. The music when it first came on made it seem like it would relate to a spy theme. When you had the words “that’s one long town name” pop up in the photo I liked it. It seemed to add just a little bit of pazazz to the video. To me the video was an interesting way of showing some of Poland’s history. I would not be convinced to go visit poland but that is simply because I have no want to visit that country. The child was very cute. I think it was a good part to include.

  3. kprobst says:

    To: Sarah Pierson- Sometimes When I’m Alone I Cry

    Wow the start of your video was a little scary to me. I was not sure where you were going with you video. I liked the video. It showed emotion, sadness, and worry in those peoples faces. I am not sure where you found those videos to about what looked like gangs and the violance but it was a good touch.

  4. kprobst says:

    To: Nate Finney – What’s Wrong With Hip Hop?

    The part that I liked the most in you video was when the people were doing that dance. I can say that I don’t follow hip hop but you did a good job of putting the film to the music that you used.

  5. kprobst says:

    Amy Van Vlack- Make Music Not War

    I loved the music you used. It worked so well in the video I think. The robot playint the trumpet was cool too. I can say that this was a very intertaining video.

  6. kprobst says:

    Alicia Grolbert- Do You Speak French

    I think that you video showed a side of Obama that I have not seen. I can say I don’t know that much about what he has to say and I think that it was intertaining and something that we the people of the U.S. need to look at and try to do. We do need to Lead by example.

  7. kprobst says:

    To: Ashley Jacoby- Save the Polar Bear

    Wow I thought that you did a great job putting it all together. I think that the videos and picture were so cute. I have not see a those types of picture before. I was very moved by what you said and I think that your statement was a very good one.

  8. Serena says:

    Emma Goodridge – Obamonon

    I really liked the way you ordered the photos and video, and the way they meshed with the music. It was upbeat, and started out with photos that were also very enthusiastic, which built up nicely to the video in the middle. The video delivered the message successfully, while the final set of photos at the end completed it, really leaving the viewer with some concrete, memorable images and thoughts.

  9. nmodly says:

    -Make Music Not War

    I really enjoyed the use of music in this one. It completely changed my perspective the images you used. Your video had a message and your point was clear and well delivered.

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