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Wal*Mart – Group Mashup



  1. queenmab182 says:

    This video was great because it made a really persuasive argument that Wal Mart probably isn’t that great and to think twice before shopping there. The images and video selected were wonderful and the argument was well supported. The only thing that could be tweaked a little was the audio in the beginning with the WAL*MART chant because it was a little hard to hear.

  2. nmodly says:

    I though that this video was very well done. The group used a wide variety of footage and an ecclectic mix of both still and video clips. There are so many different opinions about this issue. I really appreciated the interview with the family and thought that it made your argument that much more believable. I would have liked to see a little less images of walmart and more focus on its diffusion in the u.s. but I suppose showing these images is just another way to prove this point. Well done guys!

  3. kprobst says:

    I did not know that wal-mart did all of that. I knew that they put other smaller bussinesses out of bussiness. The video was very well put together. You all did a good job.

  4. Brittany Cooney says:

    I thought that your video was very persuasive. The use of the different news clips along with the video about the boy you is working for walmart now, and making very little money were very beneficial to your arguement. The changing map that showed all of the stores was very interesting too. I wanted to get something like that for my professional presentation but couldn’t find one. I thought the opening chant was helpful too, because I knew from business courses that they did that to prepare their employees for the work day, but I did not know about all the ways they treated their employees poorly. Good job!

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