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Scapegoats – Group Mashup


  1. queenmab182 says:

    I liked our video. The quality came out very well with using the DVD clips. I think the music fit superbly. If I had to change anything I would probably just clip the one scene from Disturbia a little so it focused mainly on the old guy in it.

  2. Spier8xm says:

    I was a bith confused with the topic. At first I thought the scapegoats were insane people or magicians. The quality of the clips were really good but I wish the video had more clips of just simply older people.

  3. kprobst says:

    This video was so intertaining. I thought that with your groups idea it took a very interesting and intertaining turn. I had a hard time for the first min. trying to figuare out what the topic of the video was but it became clear very shortly after.
    You all did an exceliant job.

  4. Brittany Cooney says:

    I thought that the use of clips from real videos was very good. The quality was clear and not distracting like some of the videos that have been taken off of youtube. I was confused about the arguement though. Even though I was told the basics of the idea beforehand, I was still confused by the video. Maybe if you used different clips with less emphasis on magical old people it would have been more clear. It was a good idea, but it could have been clearer.

  5. Alicia Grolbert says:

    Your groups’ graphics were amazing, and the quality of the image and sound cutting was very well done! The technology part of your project was the best out of all the groups, but your topic was very confusing. I had no idea what your topic was until you told the class. I think you could have my be added some text that guided the viewer to understand your topic better.

  6. sewcath says:

    What a fascinating idea… not too sure how it affects copyright owners… then again, perhaps that is passé; a relic from an age of individual creation and appropriation. After all, perhaps the great renaissance masters worked in ateliers with dozens of apprentices assisting their collaborative creations. We all learn from one another stuff.

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