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Gun Control – Mashup


  1. queenmab182 says:

    The music for this was well chosen, and the images were good. I wasn’t a fan of some however, just because they were a bit uncomfortable. I wish that the video took a firmer stance one way or another, pro or against. I think the video would have been a bit stronger if the message was a bit more solid though.

  2. avanv8sa says:

    I agree that the music for this video fit the content very well. One thing that left me a little confused at the end was the planet of the apes clip, and I feel that your argument could have been concluded in a slightly stronger manner. Maybe if I knew more about the planet of the apes movie, I would have taken it differently. Overall though I think that it was put together quite well.

  3. Brittany Cooney says:

    I think that the pictures and video were chosen well and the music went well with them. It seemed that you were leaning more towards control, but I think that you could have been a little more clear on what position you were taking. The Chris Rock clip was a good way to open, but like the comment above I was confused by the final clip from the planet of the apes. Maybe if you finished with some more of the Chris Rock clip, or something else it would have been a stronger ending. Other than the ending I think it was put together well.

  4. Alicia Grolbert says:

    I thought your presentation was very effective. The images were attention grabbing and in some cases very disturbing. I understood your message and it was put together very well, although I was confused about the end, like some other people. I think if your group had left that out it would have made a stronger argument. Overall I though your presentation was very enlightening and motivational.

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