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Chinese Training – Group Mashup


  1. Alicia Grolbert says:

    I thought your mash-up brought up a horrifying subject that many people haven’t thought about. You did a good job of raising awareness.

  2. queenmab182 says:

    I found this mashup to be well done, but disturbing. I think it brings up the issue of countries going to far to compete to win at any cost in the olympics. Torturing children in this way is unfair, and the group did a good job of showing this. The music fit really well and it was very emotionally poignant. Another point I think that could have been made with this movie, perhaps by putting in clips from other countries as well, is that parents should think twice before forcing their children into competitive sports. Well done.

  3. avanv8sa says:

    I think that this was done very well, especially since none of you had prior experience with the exception of what we did in class. I think that the “push it” music in the background really added to the point you were making visually. This is a subject that not a lot of people know about and you did a good job raising awareness, as Alicia said. It would have been interesting to compare it to footage of what other countries’ athletes go through when training at a young age, but I understand that you were focusing simply on the Chinese since there was so much controversy regarding their gymnastics team. I think that by leaving out the clips where the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves really made a difference in the sense that you were arguing that they are too rough on the girls. Excellent job

  4. kprobst says:

    I think that this video was very well put together. I think that the video was very one sided and showed exactly what you wanted to show. You took a side and kept to it. The video was very disturbing. I had a hard time watching it yet I could not seem to look away. Good job.

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