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Group Mashups

Video Mashup Group Assignment

For this assignment, students were assigned to groups to develop a video mashup that can be used to critique some event/trend/speech act/artifact. The groups are listed below- click on the group titles to watch the mashup (and be sure to comment!):

Chinese Training
Modly, Noelle R.
Pierson, Sarah B.
Cooney, Brittany L.
Gerstein, Rachel L.
Curtis, Emily C.

Gun Control
Scott, Elizabeth W.
Finney, Nathan W.
Probst, Karen J.
Treacy, Matthew S.
Donohue, Brian C.

Epstein, Serena R.
MacKay, Caitlin A.
Jacoby, Ashley E.
Goodridge, Emma
Ridlon, Casey A.
Mattern, Kristin M.

Wal Mart
Whitworth, Kiernan O.
Grolbert, Alicia N.
Hale, Matthew A.
Van Vlack, Amelia
Hagberg, Sadie M.

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